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Kyle Lair

Picture this a giant flock of geese locked up and landing in your decoys 15 yards in front of you, your buddy whispering next to you “let's kill them already” and you say “not yet, wait for all of them, they are still coming.” How you got to this point in the hunt is what drives my passion for the sport. Spending countless hours scouting, nights with no sleep, setting decoys for hours in the pitch dark, and strategizing for tomorrow's big hunt, is what fuels me to keep going. For some it's a hobby for me it’s a lifestyle. I got into the world of water fowling when I was 12 and my buddy needed a boat which I just happened to have, so I was invited along for a hunt. After that one hunt I was hooked, all it took was one wood duck and a teal to find myself. Ever since that day, all I have been able to think about was the next hunt, the next adventure, the next memory. My love for the sport isn’t always about pulling the trigger, in fact that's my least favorite part, I achieved a life long goal of becoming a licensed guide in ND in 2015. I guide spring and fall hunts in North Dakota and love to see the smiles on the clients face at the end of the day. Anytime I can take someone new into the field and watch them have the time of their life is a great day to me. Whether I'm out in the field with clients, friends, or just my dog and I, I need the best equipment I can get, true hunt outdoors provides me with just that.

Zach Gathman

I was first introduced to waterfowl hunting in the 7th grade. I was asked to tag alongside a couple friends that already had a few years of experience under their belt. That first morning, I slipped on my dad’s hand-me-down military issue camo clothing and headed off to what would evolve into a hobby, a passion, and way of life. Like most avid waterfowlers, I consider myself a student of the craft. There is always something to be learned on each hunt or throughout each season - always learning, adapting, and improving. This includes the clothing and gear, we as hunters, use in the field. My second-hand camo was exchanged for waterproof layering systems. My old worn out decoys were exchanged for highly detailed decoys with flocked heads. Half-day outings have turned into carefully planned week-long trips chasing the migration. I’ve purchased cameras, camera gear, and spent countless hours studying other great photographers of this sport just to be able to capture my own memories of great days in the field. I’ve learned tricks for decoy placement and how and when to call at ducks/geese. My truck’s license plate reads “H2OFOUL” for crying out loud! This passion of mine to continue to adapt and find new ways to fool wary mallards or geese is the reason why I am excited about these new products and am grateful to be on board with True Hunt!

Brooks Lindquist, Montana

I was lucky enough to be born into a family that has a history of waterfowl hunting. A “hobby” passed down from generations. I suppose you could say it’s in my blood. As a boy, I listened to countless stories from my dad and grandpa told about their hunts. The awful conditions they went out in, the early alarm clocks and blind snacks they packed, the ditches and cattails they crawled through in sub-zero temps to jump shoot a few ducks off potholes. All for, if they were lucky, one goose, which was the limit in North Dakota for some time. It all seemed crazy but I was so intrigued by the endless stories and I always asked to hear more. I painted vivid pictures in my head, not having experienced it myself.

I remember the day when my dad took me along on a hunt. We shot some pheasants and a couple of ducks and I was in heaven. That year I got my first shotgun for Christmas, a Remington 870.

And just like that, I jumped into the bottomless pit in search of where to locate waterfowl, accessing land, scouting, researching the best gear and decoys to buy to have every possible advantage. I was a waterfowl junkie.

Fast forward a few years; I’m blasting down the river in a boat, overflowing with decoys, dogs and good friends. Traveling all over in search of waterfowl. I will be forever grateful for the places this sport has taken me and, most importantly, the friendships I’ve made in the process. Being able to share these breathtaking moments with my friends, and my dad is so special. Nowadays you’ll probably find me with a camera instead of a gun. Capturing memories instead of worrying about a kill count. Though I still love a good ole fashion beatdown in the cornfield, I’ll take a slow/steady day of mallards over water any day.

I’m stoked to be on the team at TrueHunt Outdoors. I think we’ve all faced situations as waterfowler hunters where we find ourselves saying, “we could make this work, if only we had this.” TrueHunt Outdoors has created a variety of tools that allows waterfowl hunters to access hunting locations with loads of gear that otherwise wouldn’t be possible and I'm thankful to represent this team!